No Trace
Cell Case

makes you

Worried about NSA snooping?

Concerned about Cell Phone radiation affecting your health?

The No Trace Cell Case totally blocks:

Cell Phone Signal ...  GPS  ...  Blue Tooth ... Wi FI

Once the phone is in the shielded part of the case NOTHING gets through, you become invisible to being tracked or hacked.

No Trace
Cell Case
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Edward Snowden has brought to the world's attention the tremendous unconstitutional violation of privacy our country is imposing on us. Using high tech hacking technology, our phone calls are being recorded and our locations are being kept track of. Logistically, it's impossible to escape this completely if you carry your cell phone with you. But our case can help. 

If you put your phone in the case when traveling, no record can be recorded of your route. The downside, of course, is you won't be able to receive phone calls, but your voice mail will pick them up and they'll be waiting when you're ready. 

If you put your phone in the partially unshielded pocket, you will be able to receive calls. But if you're phone is in your pocket, there is a dramatic reduction of dangerous cell phone radiation to your body. 

Read more about Snowden's refrigerator as you scroll down.
Whether you think Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor, (we think he's a hero), he most definitely did us all great service by making us aware of the extent of our government's invasion of our privacy.

And Snowden is most definitely aware of the Faraday Shield effect. According to journalist Heather Murphy, Snowden 
insisted that a group of lawyers advising him in the Chinese territory [of Hong Kong} “hide their cellphones in the refrigerator of the home where he was staying, to block any eavesdropping.” 
How Does It Work?
The NTCC has 2 pockets inside it's attractive outer case. One pocket is a full force hi tech Faraday Shield. Your cell phone is surrounded by an impermable special wire mesh cloth that effectively blocks all radio radio frequency emissions, including cell, bluetooth, and GPS

The other pocket allows signals through because the Faraday Shield is only covering the back of the phone. It will lower the amount of signal hitting your body through the phone
Proof That It Works: 
This video demonstrates how the various signals are deactivated when the phone is placed in the Faraday Pouch. (And how you can use a microwave oven as well. Don't turn on the oven.)
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Here's a quick review of all the benefits of the No Trace Cell Case:

1. Make yourself out of bounds of any tracking devices. 

2. Shuts down your phone from receiving any phone calls. Calls will be directed to voice mail which you can pick up later. 

3. GPS, WiFi, and Blue Tooth are inoperative.

4. If anyone has installed tracking software on your phone, it won't work.

5. Cards with RFID chips (often installed in drivers licenses and credit cards), when placed in the protective part of the case cannot be scanned or read.

6. When the phone is placed in the semi unshielded pocket and left in your pocket, the Faraday Shield will block a good portion of the cell radiation from your body.

7. Instant privacy from your phone ringing or making notification sounds when you don't want to be disturbed

8. The attractive looking case also protects your phone from shock and scratching -- all for a price less than the average regular phone case. 
This video demonstrates that a microwave oven can act as a very effective Faraday shield. Microwave ovens have to be designed to block microwaves from leaking (dangerous to humans) with Faraday shields. 

You can see in this video how the shield also blocks signals from a cell phone doing exactly what the No-Trace Cell Case does. Of course our product is a bit more portable. 
Note: This is a video of a competitor's phone case who was demonstrating it on a network news show. Our case does exactly the same when tested and at a much lower price.
There's a new non-profit phone company in the formation which is going to put cell phone privacy in the forefront of their design. The company is called Calyx and is founded by Nicholas Merrill. They seem very legitimate and are raising funds at Indie Gogo. You can read more about them and even make a donation here.