No Trace
Cell Case

makes you

Worried about NSA snooping?

Concerned about Cell Phone radiation affecting your health?

The No Trace Cell Case totally blocks:

Cell Phone Signal ...  GPS  ...  Blue Tooth ... Wi FI

Once the phone is in the shielded part of the case NOTHING gets through, you become invisible to being tracked or hacked.

No Trace
Cell Case
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Do You Need One of These?

By now everyone, thanks to Edward Snowden, knows the gross invasion of our privacy taking place via our cell phones. Our calls are being monitored, recorded, and stored. Our locations are being tracked and recorded. And unless you want to throw away your phone, it's happening to you. 

Logistically,   it's impossible to escape this completely if you're carrying your cell phone with you. But our case can help. The No Trace Cell Case has either of 2 pockets in which to place your phone. One pocket is totally enclosed by a tightly woven metallic fabric which totally blocks all RF radiation; i.e. no phone signal, no GPS, no WiFi and even no Blue Tooth. The metallic pocket uses what's known as Faraday Shield Technology. 

The second pocket has the shield only on the back of the phone, so you're phone can still ring and the GPS will operate. But the radiation hitting your body from the phone will be greatly reduced

Even if you don't think you need a No Trace Cell Case right now, it's so inexpensive that it's a good product to have, just in case. Things are getting more repressive daily. 

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Proof That It Works: 
When you get your case, try this: Put the phone in the totally shielded part of your phone and dial it from another phone. It won't ring. (Be sure and close the top flap on the case. 

If you have Blue Tooth, listen to some music using your blue tooth headset. Put the phone in the case, while you're listening and voila, the music cuts out proving the blue tooth is disabled. 

This video demonstrates that a microwave oven can act as a very effective Faraday shield. Microwave ovens have to be designed to block microwaves from leaking (dangerous to humans) with Faraday shields. 

You can see in this video how the shield also blocks signals from a cell phone doing exactly what the No-Trace Cell Case does. Of course our product is a bit more portable. 
Snowden insisted that a group of lawyers advising him in the Chinese territory of Hong Kong “hide their cellphones in the refrigerator of the home where he was staying, to block any eavesdropping.” 
Thank You Edward Snowden
Here's a quick review of all the benefits of the No Trace Cell Case:

1. Make yourself out of bounds of any tracking devices. Many People will put their phone in the case while driving, so no record is made and stored of their trail. Also if one is in a private meeting no one can remotely listen to the coversation

2. Shuts down your phone from receiving any phone calls for complete privacy. Calls will be directed to voice mail which you can pick up later. 

3. GPS, WiFi, and Blue Tooth are blocked.

4. If anyone has installed tracking software on your phone, it won't work.

5. Cards with RFID chips (often installed in drivers licenses and credit cards), when placed in the protective part of the case cannot be scanned or read.

6. When the phone is placed in the semi-unshielded pouch and left in your pocket, the Faraday Shield will block a good portion of the cell radiation from your body.

7. Instant privacy from your phone ringing or making notification sounds when you don't want to be disturbed

8. The attractive looking case also protects your phone from shock and scratching -- all for a price less than the average regular phone case. 
Temporary promotion!! - insert the discount code "freeship" in the shopping cart  and the shipping will be NO CHARGE
There's a new non-profit phone company in the formation which is going to put cell phone privacy in the forefront of their design. The company is called Calyx and is founded by Nicholas Merrill. They seem very legitimate and are raising funds at Indie Gogo. You can read more about them and even make a donation here.